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Image:Johan Nicolai Madvig - Imagines philologorum.jpg|thumb|right|Johan Nicolai Madvig '''Johan Nicolai Madvig''' (; 7 August 1804 – 12 December 1886), was a Denmark|Danish philologist and Kultus Minister of Denmark|Kultus Minister. He was born on the island of Bornholm. He was educated at the classical school of Frederiksborg and the University of Copenhagen. In 1828 he became reader, and in 1829 professor of Latin language and literature at Copenhagen, and in 1832 was appointed university librarian. In 1848 Madvig entered parliament as a member of the "Eider-Danish" part—those who desired the Eider River|Eider to be the boundary of the country. When this party came into power Madvig became Kultus Minister in the Cabinet of Moltke II and Cabinet of Moltke III|III, but left the cabinet on 7 December 1851 as a protest against the government's unity state program. In 1852 be became...
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